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Ha, kámo. O tomto je ekonómia, chápeš?

Vysvetľovať pospolitému ľudu nekomplikovanú rakúsku ekonomickú teóriu možno rôznymi spôsobmi. Ale raperská prekáračka medzi Hayekom a Keynesom, ktorú ponúkli páni z, tu ešte nebola. Počet vzhliadnutí na Youtube naznačuje, že toto je jedna z úspešnejších ciest. Nie že by sa v obsadenosti aktérov na jednej zo strán nedalo pritvrdiť...

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Via: Lukáš Krivošík (

Your focus on spending is pushing on thread

In the long run, my friend, it’s your theory that’s dead

So sorry there, buddy, if that sounds like invective

Prepared to get schooled in my Austrian perspective

The boom gets started with an expansion of credit

The Fed sets rates low, are you starting to get it?

That new money is confused for real loanable funds

But it’s just inflation that’s driving the ones

Who invest in new projects like housing construction

The boom plants the seeds for its future destruction

The savings aren’t real, consumption’s up too

And the grasping for resources reveals there’s too few

So the boom turns to bust as the interest rates rise

With the costs of production, price signals were lies

The boom was a binge that’s a matter of fact

Now its devalued capital that makes up the slack.

Whether it’s the late twenties or two thousand and five

Booming bad investments, seems like they’d thrive

You must save to invest, don’t use the printing press

Or a bust will surely follow, an economy depressed

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