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Fuck You, Ben!

Potulujúc sa po nekonečnej w3 sieti ma potešili nasledovné reakcie v jednej diskusii:

„There is no conspiracy.  This is the only way bureaucracies function, by reacting.  These are the panicked ministrations of an administration losing what it thought was control.  They've mixed Lord Keynes' playbook with a doctrine of outright fraud and will do whatever they can to avoid the consequences of past excesses.  These  are the only things they can do in order to stave off a collapse that will, at best, cause millions to lose trillions, and at worst cause a global shitstorm of biblical proportions. The problem is that they can only put off the consequences the math guarantees will manifest for so long.  "The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem." Apparently, we do not have a problem.“

„Because the more they prod it, the more certain and more devastating the collapse is.

Behavioral economists have been psychologically prodding us for decades.  You see if you can stoke the way people behave with their money, you can control the markets....or so the theory goes.

Except it's not in a classroom but our economic reality.  All this psychological prodding helps markets decouple from reality.  So whereas psychological prodding CAN work to a limited degree as a one off event, our economic masters made this sort of bs pretty much their entire toolbox.

It also allows lay people to THINK they tried to save us, when really they were only trying to save themselves and the value of their investments.  But again in the end someone has to control what's left.

Eventually everyone without a printing press backing their bets will lose and the house will take all.  The house is those that control the money supply, not us.  Or something resembling that in some form or fashion.  Of course it's a lot more complicated that than, and I know for sure I don't know everything and definitely not going into all that I suspect.

As larouche says, we're not in a depression situation, we're in a worldwide economic disintegration situation.  Everything is how WE lose, and they get a free pass.  But to Bernanke, all that matters in the economy is whether or not the fraud continues, which of course to him, isn't a fraud.“

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